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Garage Door Repair in Phoenix AZ

Is your garage door struggling to go up and down? Do you literally want to get it back on track but are afraid you’ll have to replace it?

Looking for affordable garage door repair? One of the most critical and largest moving features of your home is your garage door and Loves Garage Doors specializes in residential garage door repair, installation, and maintenance in Phoenix, AZ.

With a team of certified technicians, we offer experience in repairing most major brands of garage door manufacturers.

Fixing your Garage Door

Isn't it great having your garage door available on the command at the push of a button?

When things go south, and you begin to experience tracking issues, sensors start playing games or your garage door opener begins to act erratically; it’s time for an inspection and diagnosis from a professional garage door technician. Contact us today and we’ll “get you back on track”. You will be surprised what we can repair before having to replace your opener or garage door.

Garage Door Installation

When the time comes for a garage door replacement though, there are certainly some benefits. In addition to reliability, a new garage door can improve the overall look of your home as well as provide several other significant benefits.

  • Improves the appearance of your home
  • Improves the security of your home
  • A new door can be significantly more Energy Efficient than your old door
  • Showcases your personal style
  • Reduced maintenance costs going forward

From beautiful and efficient to downright quiet, we have a vast collection of garage door replacement options. Choose from a large selection of steel, wood or vinyl doors with many different styles, available.

You can count on Loves Garage Doors to help you find the right garage door to provide security, and enhance your home, all at an affordable price.

Garage Door Springs

The purpose of garage door springs is to offset the weight of a garage door. The springs allow the door to easily open and close. Regardless of whether you are opening the door by hand or using an automatic garage door opener the door in both instances will easily go up and down only if the spring is properly installed and adjusted.

Since the springs are under high-tension they have a limited lifespan and over time can lose their effectiveness. From broken springs to symptoms of imminent failure, at Loves Garage Doors we take the time to make a professional diagnosis, providing you with options for the garage door spring repair or replacement.

High Tech Garage Door Openers

Are you looking for an energy efficient garage door opener?

How about a timed close feature complete with a battery backup?

Loves Garage Doors would love to share their knowledge and experience with a variety of high tech garage door openers to find just the right options to fit you and your family.

Professional Garage Door Installation & Repair

Loves Doors is a Phoenix Garage Door Company passionate about helping others and relies solely on referrals from our clients. After all, who better to tell our story than those who have experienced our high-quality products, affordable garage door repair pricing, and superior customer service?

  • Response time is within 24 hours
  • Certified technicians
  • Professional diagnosis
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Experience with numerous garage door brands and manufacturers
  • Quality installation and customer service

Contact the residential garage door repair professionals at Loves Garage Doors or call (602) 574-8588 today!

Loves Garage Doors – “Helping friends through ups and downs.”


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Is your Garage Door trying to tell you something?

Garage doors are like a car, from time to time they start leaving tell, tell signs that something is amiss.

From scraping and grinding noises when the door raises or lowers to shuddering and jerking when it goes up and down, ignoring the tell, tell signs could lead to manually opening and closing your door.

Contact Loves Garage Doors to schedule a tune up today or call (602) 574-8588.


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Loves is the best choice there is for any garage repairs or door replacement. Prompt, personable, ethical, and at great value. I highly recommend this local Phoenix business.

- Matt E.

Myrl is undeniably the most honest and ethical business person I have dealt with. He worked on both our garage doors and my parents and I trust him implicitly. No up-selling just did what needed to be done for a fair price. We will never use anyone else.

- Larry W.

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