All You Need to Know About Garage Door Rollers

by Loves Doors • October 16, 2020

If you have a garage door, you might be aware of the role garage door rollers play in its smooth, quiet, secure, and efficient operation. Any issue with even a single roller, like breakage or wear and tear, can lead to an off-balanced and malfunctioning garage door, compromising its users' safety. Homeowners should pay adequate attention so that the rollers remain in perfect condition and not wait for things to worsen before calling in a garage door specialist.  

Choosing the right quality garage door rollers and ensuring that they are correctly installed and maintained will make a big difference in their performance. They are placed along the tracks and are composed of a metal rod with a wheel connected to one end to attach it to the garage door's frame. The rollers have to be fully in line with the track, or the garage door will make excessive noise and will not open smoothly.

Garage door roller materials

The garage door roller wheels are made using different materials, and the one you choose will depend on how often the door is used and the type of conditions it will endure. The material you select will impact the smoothness, life, and noise level. The widely used garage door roller material includes:

  • Plastic- Garage door roller wheels made of plastic are cost-effective and can last for around 2-3 years. They don't have ball bearings and are made entirely with plastic. They are not durable when compared to other materials and can't take weight beyond a particular limit.

  • Nylon- Most garage door specialists recommend nylon as it is lightweight, requires no lubrication, and can also support a considerable amount of weight. Investing in high-quality nylon rollers will ensure a longer life, efficiency, lower noise, low maintenance needs, and no vibration.

  • Steel- Consider steel if you are looking to upgrade the plastic garage door rollers. They are durable, reliable, and have a long life span. They look premium but require frequent lubrication and maintenance and make more noise than rollers made of other materials. 

Rollers with high ball bearings help limit the friction between the rod and the wheel, and therefore last longer and operate smoothly along the track.

When to replace garage door rollers

Garage door rollers should be inspected once a year by a professional garage door service and lubricated every three months to maintain their efficiency and avoid costly repairs. However, after a certain time, they will show signs of wear and tear or damage and will need replacement. You should consider replacing the rollers when you notice cracked or missing rollers, the garage door starts to vibrate during operation, makes strange, loud noises, or the door becomes misaligned. Replacing old, damaged, and worn-out rollers are essential to ensure smoother and quieter operation. 

Garage door rollers are one of the essential components of a garage door. A professional garage door repair and replacement service can help fix any issues related to garage door rollers.

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