Are Steel Garage Doors a Worthwhile Investment?

by Loves Doors • July 06, 2021

There are numerous garage door materials, and one of the most popular options is steel. Many people opt for steel for its premium durability, extra security, and built-in beauty. However, are they truly worth the investment?

To answer this question, we'll explore the benefits of installing steel garage doors. Here's what makes them an excellent choice:

Strength and sturdiness

The most significant advantage of steel garage doors is exceptional durability, with maximum resistance against cracking, warping, and denting. They're produced in a sandwich construction method that combines multiple layers of steel to enhance the material's sturdiness and depth. The process generates well-built doors that can take quite a beating.

First-rate security

Another benefit arising from their strength is extra security. These doors can endure attacks much better than some other materials. For instance, they can deter thieves as they don't have the weak spots associated with fiberglass, composite, and wooden doors. Moreover, steel doors won't catch fire and provide an escape route if other entries are ablaze.

Built-in beauty

Steel garage doors consist of panels that can be easily molded and stamped into appealing shapes. They can match window panels of virtually any style and finish to create different textures. Combined with stunning paint, a steel garage door can significantly increase your home's curb appeal.

Ample customization options

Steel garage doors come with a wide range of panel and design options. They can be found in various colors, including dark brown, almond, mahogany, and white. Plus, they are easily repainted in practically any color.

Steel garage doors even support glass window inserts. With so many customization options, you can personalize your door and add a unique touch.

Less maintenance

One of the most annoying problems with garage doors is the tendency to fail at inopportune times. Steel garage doors can help you overcome this obstacle. Despite their enormous strength, the units are relatively lightweight. Consequently, the opener mechanism is under less stress, allowing it to perform longer without issues.

Eco-friendly solutions

Another feather on steel garage doors is the environmentally friendly composition. When it's time for replacement, homeowners can recycle them instead of dumping them. Many garage doors also feature recycled steel. Thus, if the environment plays a pivotal role during the selection process, there's no going wrong with steel garage doors.


Although steel garage doors are trendy, they're more affordable than other materials. While the size, construction, model, installation, add-ons, and accents can affect the price of steel garage doors, they're typically less expensive than the equivalent glass, wood, or fiberglass door.

Hire a professional to install your steel garage door

Overall, a steel garage door is a sound investment for its outstanding durability, safety, and customizability. To reap all these benefits, hire seasoned garage door specialists to make sure everything goes smoothly with your installation.


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