The Benefits of Refinishing Wood Garage Doors

by Loves Doors • June 30, 2021

Wood garage doors have a timeless elegance and help enhance the curb appeal of a home. They are durable, versatile, eco-friendly, energy-efficient, easy to repair, offer customization options in various designs, and suit every budget. Well-maintained wooden garage doors easily last more than twenty years and are worth the investment. 

Over time, however, wood garage doors lose their shine and charm and begin to appear worn and dull. Constant exposure to sunlight and other elements and general wear and tear cause the door’s protective finish to fade, crack and peel, scale, or become chalky. Besides a poor appearance, damage to the garage door’s finish makes the door vulnerable to moisture damage and quick deterioration.

Wood garage doors need refinishing every few years to maintain their appearance. Refinishing the door using paint, stain, or other wood finishes offer several benefits:

Protection from pest damage

Termites are the biggest enemies of wooden doors. Termites, along with boring beetles and other insects, create holes to weaken the structural integrity of the garage door. Severe termite infestation can lead to premature garage door replacement and cost homeowners thousands of dollars. Refinishing protects the wood garage doors from these threats.

Prevent rotting

Wood is susceptible to rot when not cared for properly. Water, moisture, and fungi can lead to faster deterioration of the door. Refinishing resolves all the factors that can cause the wooden garage doors to develop severe problems and rot. 

Withstand weather elements

Extreme sunlight, rain, wind, storms, and snow significantly impacts a wood garage door. Refinish the wood garage door to make it more durable and enhance its ability to endure harsh weather conditions, and prevent them from causing further damage. 

Maintain the aesthetic beauty

A garage door is a significant part of a home’s exterior. A damaged and worn garage door looks uninviting and ruins the property’s appearance. Refinishing a garage door improves its beauty and boosts the overall look, feel, and value. 

The frequency of refinishing the wood garage door?

Refinish the wood garage door every three to five years to prevent moisture and other damage. However, inspect the garage door regularly for signs of degradation and refinish it if the existing finish shows deterioration symptoms.

Repaint or restain?

The choice between paint or stain comes down to homeowner preference. Experts advise refinishing the garage door in a fashion similar to the original finish to achieve the best results. Both paint and stain offer significant protection from different elements. While paint is available in a broader color range, different sheens, and provides better saturation and uniformity, stain is easier to re-apply, accents the wood grain, and makes the wood resistant to peeling, blistering, and cracking. 

Whether looking to restain or repaint, it is necessary to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and prepare the wood garage door before refinishing. Ensure that the wood is damage-free and in good shape. Clean the door thoroughly to remove any dirt, dust, mildew, and moss. Let it dry completely before sanding to remove any loose paint and make the surface smooth for paint or stain application. Remember to refinish both sides of the door.


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