Do Garage Doors Need Preventive Maintenance?

by Loves Doors • January 11, 2021

Many homeowners take garage doors for granted until they stop working. Due to constant use, garage doors are more prone to damages and wear and tear. As the largest moving part of a home, a malfunctioning garage door is both inconvenient and dangerous. 

According to garage door specialists, several costly repairs are easily preventable if homeowners take time to carry out preventative garage door maintenance. It ensures that the garage door lasts longer and operates smoothly at all times.

Instead of waiting for an issue to arise, homeowners should focus on these preventative maintenance measures to avoid costly emergency breakdowns:

Observe and listen

While operating the garage door, watch and listen closely to ensure it moves smoothly and silently. Call a garage door repair service if it takes longer than usual to open or close, jerks, or makes unusual scraping or grinding noises. Inspect both sides of the door’s structure to see that the springs, cables, and pulleys are symmetrical. 

Check the garage door’s balance 

An improperly balanced garage door will push the opener to work harder and reduce its lifespan. Test the door’s balance by manually moving the door almost halfway up after disconnecting the opener. If the door stays put, it indicates the door is well balanced. If it moves, the springs are improperly balanced and require professional assistance. 

Tighten hinges and nuts and bolts

A garage door goes up and down several times a day, which can loosen up its hardware over time and compromise the door’s safety. Regularly inspect the garage door parts and tighten where necessary.

Check the lubrication

A garage door consists of several moving parts, including rollers, hinges, springs, and tracks. It is essential to lubricate them as a part of preventative maintenance to ensure smooth operation and prolonged life. 

Examine the rollers

Warped or cracked rollers put a strain on the whole system and affect the door’s operation. Examine the rollers bi-annually for cracks, splits, and other signs of damage and wear and tear. 

Inspect the cables

Check the cable’s conditions for signs of deterioration, broken strands, and fraying. Seek professional help to replace any damaged or worn-down cables.

Keep the tracks free of debris

Any dirt or debris on the tracks not only damages the rollers but also puts a strain on the opener. Inspect both sides of the garage door to ensure it is free of any dust. Also, regularly check the track’s alignment. Call a pro to repair any bends or cracks.

Check the weatherstripping

A weatherstrip keeps the weather elements out of the garage. Over time, it begins to show signs of deterioration. Regularly check the weatherstripping, and consider a replacement if any parts are cracked or decayed. 

Other preventative maintenance tips include:

  • Test the auto-reverse feature

  • Wash the garage door

  • Inspect locks

  • Paint the garage door

Garage doors are heavy, with a complex operating mechanism. Investing in preventative maintenance by a garage door specialist will keep it in peak working condition.

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