Enjoy the Benefits of Fire-Rated Commercial Overhead Doors

by Loves Doors • May 24, 2021

Any type of building, whether residential, commercial, or industrial, is vulnerable to fire. When it comes to emergencies, a fire extinguisher can only go so far. A fire-rated overhead door aims to restrict the spread of fire and smoke within a particular structure. There are many benefits to using a fire-rated door for garages, hallways, stairwells, and other high-risk areas. Let's the structure of a fire-rated door and a few of its advantages.

What is a fire-rated door?

A fire-rated commercial overhead door consists of fire-resistant materials such as steel, timber, gypsum, glass, or vermiculite boards. The materials also make them corrosion resistant and highly sturdy in every environment. Fire-rated doors can resist flames for several hours, giving firefighters more time to handle the situation. They're typically placed in a wide range of areas within a facility for optimal protection.

Fire resistance testing

The entire assembly, including the various components in the wall (insulation, siding, sheathing devices, and more), is considered fire resistance. Fire resistance testing provides possible guidelines for dealing with fire safety concerns. The aim is to assess the material's ability to contain a fire within a defined area while maintaining structural integrity.

The tests are immensely helpful in determining whether or not a given site would allow adequate time for people to evacuate before the fire spreads. Fire-rated doors are rated from A to C, with Class A providing the most fire resistance and Class C providing the least. The total scoring is based on time-sensitive tests and how well the components do after being exposed to fire for an extended period.

Fire-rated doors facilitate evacuation

Since fire-rated doors can withstand extreme temperatures, there's more time to evacuate. Thanks to their resilience, more people can get out safely, reducing the number of fatalities.

They reduce property damage and recovery costs

First responders also have more time to contain the fire to the affected area, resulting in minor overall property damage. Fire-rated doors significantly increase the chances of putting out the fire before it causes irreparable harm. In turn, the recovery process is much quicker, not to mention less costly.

They limit the spread of harmful gases

Smoke and toxic gases such as carbon monoxide are gradually released into the air during a fire outbreak. The fumes can be more lethal than the actual flames, causing organ damage if inhaled in large amounts. The design of fire-rated doors seals in harmful gases and smoke, lessening their effect on the human respiratory system. For buildings that hold hazardous materials, installing a fire-rated door is a matter of life and death.

Enhanced security

Apart from providing fire protection, fire-rated doors enhance overall security levels. Since they consist of resilient materials such as steel, fire-rated overhead doors are more robust and more durable. For that reason, there's less chance of someone breaking into the property.

Be safe and be wise

Fire outbreaks are more common than you'd think, especially in heavily stacked spaces such as garages or storage facilities. Installing a fire-rated door is an effective way to prevent severe property damage, not to mention potentially save lives. Find a reliable company in your area and have a team of licensed professionals to complete the installation. It's the best way to meet all safety regulations.


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