Factors to Consider Before Replacing Your Garage Door Panel

by Loves Doors • November 10, 2020

Modern garages often have multiple door panels that hinge together to make opening and closing easier as the door rolls up. One of the main advantages of having various panels is that a damaged panel can be replaced without removing the entire door. While it's a cost-saving option, replacing a single garage door panel comes with some factors to consider.

Age of the garage

If a panel needs to be replaced because it is old or worn out, chances are the entire garage door itself has aged significantly. Replacing only one unsightly panel will usually be a temporary fix, but you'll eventually need to follow suit with the other panels and replace them as well. Changing panels one at a time will quickly rack up expenses, and you'd be better off replacing the entire garage door.

Furthermore, older garage door models may not have replacement parts available, making a full replacement impossible. The only option available in that scenario is to get a newer model.

The number of damaged panels

If there's damage to several panels—which might happen during accidents—replacing only the damaged panels might be costlier than getting a completely new door.

Additionally, if there's damage to multiple panels, the full damage might extend beyond what is visible. New panels might not work properly if the door frame itself is malformed and needs to be replaced. Examine the door to see if a garage door component other than the panels is damaged. Otherwise, you might end up with a non-functioning garage door, even with replaced panels.

Aesthetics of the doors

If you notice significant damage to one of the panels and only minor scrapes to another, it might be tempting to replace only the heavily damaged panel and leave the other one as is. However, the scraped panel might be bent slightly and will look out of place from the rest of the garage doors when the new panel is installed. Examine the garage door from the inside of the garage and from the street to see how it looks before deciding to replace only one panel.

Additionally, if the panels' color has faded, the new panel may not match the rest. While you can still repaint the entire garage door, doing so will only mask the underlying age and any damage, and the process might be as expensive as replacing the rest of the panels.

The bottom line

While replacing only one garage door panel might seem like a no-brainer, you might regret the results later. Carefully consider the rest of the door's condition, and you might come to a different, more cost-effective conclusion that works and looks better. If your garage door is damaged, don't delay replacing it, as a faulty garage door can lead to more problems down the line if it's not taken care of in time.

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