Finding a Great Garage Door Company

by Loves Doors • September 08, 2020
The secret is to find a garage door company that will treat you right. That’s all.

The secret is to find a garage door company that will treat you right. That’s all.

As the most prominent single moving part of the home, a garage door requires periodic maintenance to ensure it functions properly. It might also need a repair every so often, and eventually, in the hopefully-distant future, it will have to be replaced.

These facts all indicate the need for a regular, dependable garage door company. There are scammers in all industries, and the garage door business is not an exception. However, with the right garage door company, a customer won't have to fear getting ripped off by having their garage door repaired, whether for routine maintenance or a full replacement. Here are a few of the essential things a garage door owner should know:

Make sure you understand the problem

Before starting a repair, a good technician will describe the problem with the garage door and what's necessary to fix it. There shouldn't be any confusion regarding what's wrong. The homeowner should also not feel pressured in any way. A lockout is not an optimal sales opportunity and should not be treated as such by a reputable garage door company.

Written estimates

If a garage door company is lined up to fix your door, it's fair to want a written estimate. If the quote isn't the same as what they advertised or quoted over the phone, then it's a sneaky tactic, and they should be sent away. Naturally, if they discover another issue or you desire additional services, they should be paid for that. Their work should also be guaranteed.

Fake coupons

Homeowners frequently get those low-price mailers that some disingenuous garage door company sends out that advertises a garage door service at a very low price. When you read the fine print, it says, "Parts and labor not included." What are they charging for? The visit. That's not an ethical practice.

Bad reviews

There are times when a customer will be displeased, and that can be reflected in online reviews. However, for the larger part, the reviews should be good, and the customers happy. Supposing a garage door company has terrible reviews from people claiming they were scammed, that should be an immediate red flag not to pursue a repair from that company. Keeping the telephone number of a garage door company in your contacts will ensure you always can contact a dependable company. This is incredibly helpful if the car is locked in the garage, and the owner is late for work.

Regular maintenance

Routine maintenance can get rid of potential problems before they occur. A good garage door tech will be able to guide a homeowner toward proper maintenance and toward small repairs before worn parts end up causing a substantial mechanical breakdown.

Develop a relationship with a garage door company

A garage door company can repair, replace, and maintain a garage door and garage door opener. Because maintenance isn't optimal, the best way to make the first contact with a garage door company is to have them come and perform service maintenance on the garage door.

Supposing the homeowner likes the company and feels confident in their skills and integrity, they will feel comfortable when they have to call the company because of a problem with their garage door or opener or need a replacement. They'll feel safe that they can trust the garage door company to give them fair treatment and guarantee the work performed. It would be our honor to be the garage door company you trust for your garage door needs.

Loves Garage Door is a Phoenix-area residential garage door installation and repair company. We offer garage door installation, repair, and maintenance. Our services include affordable spring replacement, and installing and repairing garage door openers.

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