Garage Door Safety Tips in Phoenix, AZ

by Loves Doors • August 23, 2020

At Loves Garage Doors we understand how important a garage can be. From protecting your possessions from intruders as well sheltering your car from the harsh Arizona sun, things are constantly getting moved, work is getting done and vehicles are regularly coming and going. In short, this busy space requires several safety considerations.
Weighing 200 or more pounds, making sure that your garage door is in working order and your garage, in general, is free from clutter will help ensure the safety of those entering and exiting your garage.

Garage Door Safety

One of the most critical and largest moving features of your home is your garage door. With that being said it makes sense to give it some close attention when evaluating the safety of your garage.

  • Inspecting your garage door and its components is an important and often overlooked task.

  • Know where the emergency release handle for your doors is and more importantly how to use it.

  • Keep garage door openers out of the reach of children

  • Periodically inspect your garage door springs and safety cables for excessive wear. If in doubt, contact a garage door professional to have them evaluated

  • Inspect your garage door safety sensors making sure that they are properly aligned, clean and unobstructed. The photo eye sensors are intended to break the circuit if an object interrupts the beam, preventing the door from closing

  • Test the auto-reverse safety feature on your garage door and opener frequently


Preventing Accidents in your Garage

Ben Franklin was once quoted as saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Although many use the quote when referring to health, Franklin actually was addressing fire safety in Philadelphia in 1736. Regardless of his original intent, it holds true to preventing accidents in your garage.

  • Garage Door Tune-ups are a great way to ensure that your door is functioning properly and all safety measures are in place.

  • At Loves Garage Doors we offer residential garage door installation and maintenance to ensure that your door operating efficiently and safely.

  • Don’t overload shelves. Overloading the shelves in your garage can not only make you cringe at the thought of moving one item to get to the next, but you also run the risk of having heavy objects fall on you.

  • Dispose of unused chemicals immediately! From paint to hazardous chemicals we recommend that you check online to find a hazardous waste disposal service.

  • Clean car grease from the floor – Car grease is not only an eyesore it’s also a safety hazard as grease creates an environment for slips and falls. From Cat litter and sawdust to commercial cleaning products, no matter how you remedy it, cleaning up the oil ensures no trips to the hospital.

  • Keep sharp objects out of reach! By nature, kids and pets are curious. Rakes, shovels, and hedge trimmers should be stored out of reach to avoid accidents.

  • Unplug power cords after use. Remember, extension cords are for temporary use only. When not actively using them, unplug them from the outlets.

  • Hang your ladders with utility hooks manufactured to support the weight. Accidents from ladders not only occur during use, a 60 lb.  A ladder leaned up against a wall is a recipe for disaster.

  • Be prepared for a fire! Conveniently locate a fire extinguisher for easy access.

  • Last but not least, once you park your car in the garage, don’t forget to make sure there is enough space to walk around it safely.


Benefits of Decluttering your Garage

Did you know that one if four Americans say their garage is too cluttered to park their car in their garage?

Taking preventive measures to have your garage door is in working order one thing. Keeping your garage free from clutter is another.

  • Children or Pets are, by nature, curious, safely keeping items out of reach ensures their safety.  

  • Free up your garage space for other uses such as parking your car “inside” the garage, hobby work, or even a home business

  • No more surprises from critters hiding in the boxes on the floor 

  • Remove the frustration of trying to locate and items and gain easy access to your items at any time

A typical garage is full of heavy objects, sharp tools, and dangerous chemicals. Minimizing the chances of getting hurt from tripping over boxes or moving pile after pile to locate an item that got lost in the endless sea of chaos can be remedied by utilizing the space overhead.
Overhead garage storage racks by Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks are the perfect solution to safely clear the chaos. 100% customizable, their powder-coated steel racks are framed with 13 gauge galvanized steel.

Thousands of accidents occur every year from the clutter in the garage, making it the most common site for household accidents. From slips and falls to bumps and bruises, it’s crucial to inspect your garage to ensure all of your items are safely stored.

How safe is your garage?

Professional Garage Door Installation & Repair

Myrl, the owner and operator of Loves Garage Doors, has been proudly providing residential clients in the Phoenix Valley with superior garage door installation, opener replacement, and repair service, keeping doors going up and down, and clients on time and secure.

  • Response time is within 24 hours

  • Certified technicians

  • Professional diagnosis

  • Preventative maintenance

  • Experience with numerous garage door brands and manufacturers

  • Quality installation and customer service

Passionate about helping others, Loves Garage Doors relies solely on referrals from our clients. After all, who better to tell the story about your business than those who have trusted you to do the job right the first time, all at an affordable cost?

Contact Loves Garage Doors about keeping your garage safe by making sure that your garage door components in working order at 602-346-9516.

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