Signs You Need a Sloped Garage Door

by Loves Doors • February 19, 2021

Few homeowners understand the importance of having a properly fitted garage door. A mechanically-sound door could still pose problems or not properly function if it doesn’t fit the building or the land.

It’s safe to say that the garage door has to be in optimal operating condition at all times. In some situations, a sloped model is the only recommended option.

Slanted land and architecture

The primary sign that you need a sloped garage door comes from the angle of the land. Homes built on hills often require custom-sized garage doors.

In some situations, even the building architecture could call for a sloped garage door. These things are easy to spot with the naked eye and don’t require any technical expertise.

Water damage

Signs of water damage could indicate that the door doesn’t fit the entry properly. An uneven floor raises the risk of rain or runoff entering the garage. Even small quarter-sized gaps can create enough problems and allow the elements to inflict damage.

Rodent infestation

A rodent infestation is both a sign that you need a sloped garage door and a byproduct of not having one. Critters always search for safe interior places to hide.

Garages make for very attractive structures for a wide range of rodents. It’s essential to keep an eye out for rodent droppings. Signs of bite marks around the door can signal that a replacement may be due.


The absence of water damage doesn’t mean the garage door is a perfect fit. It’s wise to check for noticeable gaps which indicate poor spacing and improper installation. If that’s the case, contacting a garage door company should be a top priority.

Track issues

A regular garage door installed on uneven flooring puts additional pressure on the door’s components and can often cause it to move off the track. It may not always be noticeable on a superficial inspection. However, doors that don’t function properly, stall, or don’t connect with the floor are likely off track. It can indicate that the garage needs a sloped door replacement.

Other reasons to install a sloped door

Having a properly sealed garage offers nothing but benefits. It prevents water from coming in, as well as rodents, insects, and other critters.

But, what few homeowners realize is that it also increases home security. Faulty or mal-adjusted garage doors are prime targets for burglars. They are much easier to open or break, which allows criminals access inside the home.

How to fix it

Ideally, when finishing the garage, a sloped door is the first choice if the property is on uneven ground. However, a problematic garage door can be easily replaced after contacting a reputable garage door company. The expert technicians will arrive on-site, perform an inspection, and quickly determine the best garage door setup.

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