When is it Time to Replace Your Garage Door Hinges?

by Loves Doors • October 27, 2020

Though relatively small, garage door hinges are crucial components. They help the garage door panels stay together and ensure that the garage doors operate smoothly. When these wear out, opening the garage door can be virtually impossible.

That’s why homeowners must know when they should replace the hinges as it is often not intuitive. That’s why this article will help you out.

Reasons for hinge damage

Hinges hold heavy garage doors to help them operate. Although durable, everyday usage wears hinges out. Moreover, rust, improper maintenance, or a car hitting them can cause severe damage.

How to tell if the garage door hinges are worn out?

As we’ve mentioned, various factors can damage the garage door hinges. But there are some signs that homeowners can keep an eye on to tell them it’s time to replace the garage door hinges.

The first indicator that something is wrong with the hinges is that the garage door doesn’t open as before. The hinges ensure the smooth operating of the garage door. Therefore, if something happens to them, it can be almost impossible to open the door.

Furthermore, unusual noise coming from the garage door may also be a sign that something is wrong with these functional components. Finally, you might notice loose or even missing screws.

Homeowners who suspect that there’s something wrong with the hinges shouldn’t wait to call the professionals. Sometimes you might need to lubricate them. Other times replacing the old hinges with new, sturdier ones is the best option. You shouldn’t treat damaged hinges lightly.

How to maintain door hinges?

Properly maintaining the garage door hinges prolongs their lifespan and ensures that they don’t wear out quickly. Homeowners should lubricate the garage door and hinges often to ensure they operate.

Which hinges do you need?

Once you determine that there’s something wrong with the hinges, you might wonder which ones are right for the garage door. Hinges come with engraved numbers, making it relatively easy to understand how they operate. For example, #1 hinges go in the center of the garage door, #2 goes between the second and third panels, while #3 hinges go between the third and fourth panels.

Checking the engraved number before purchasing the hinges is important. Wrong hinges can cause damage to panels. If you’re unsure which ones to get, check with the experts you contacted to replace the hinges.

Identifying issues with garage door hinges

Garage door hinges are essential components of garage doors. They enable easy opening and closing. Some factors like age, rust, or even improper maintenance can damage the hinges. That’s why lubricating them can prolong their lifespan. When it becomes difficult to open the garage door, consider replacing the hinges. Doing so helps homeowners prevent more significant problems and potential injuries.

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