Why Garage Door Tracks Shouldn’t Be Reused

by Loves Doors • April 19, 2021

When homeowners start renovating, there’s often a clash between choosing new features and keeping old ones. Some people think they can splurge on new garage doors but save money by reusing the old garage door tracks. Garage door tracks are usually keyed to a specific door, and their dimensions are set in the factory. While it’s possible to reuse garage doors, homeowners should strongly consider the benefits and potential drawbacks of keeping the old tracks.

Here’s what you need to know about reusing garage door tracks.

How do garage door tracks fit

Garage door tracks have a specific rivet that fits their appropriate doors. Newer garage door models usually come with specific dimensions and require unique tracks. The door’s thickness, material, and weight all factor into which tracks are strong enough to carry the doors through the cycles.

Dangers of reusing garage door tracks

If the new garage doors are thicker or heavier than the old model, the existing tracks won’t fit those doors. Even if you manage to force the doors into the tracks, some or all of the systems won’t work corrrectly and can lead to devastating results.

The garage doors may bend or get stuck mid-cycle, rendering the system completely useless. You’ll usually need professional garage service members to disassemble the entire system to free the doors. Even then, the tracks will probably have to be replaced anyway, resulting in an unexpected expense.

Electric garage doors don’t take kindly to ill-fitting garage door tracks. If the doors can’t open properly, but the opener doesn’t detect an electrical problem, it may force the doors to cycle continuously. Alternatively, the opener can force the doors through the tracks, dislodging them entirely.

Every garage door has a spring system that opens and closes them. If the new garage doors don’t fit perfectly into the track, the springs might become unbalanced. Unbalanced springs are more likely to result in the door getting stuck while operating, or breaking entirely, which can be a significant safety hazard.

A failing garage door is a serious business. Doors are heavy and connected with a series of springs and cables that undergo immense stress. If a cable or a spring breaks, they can swing wildly around the garage and damage whatever is nearby.

While reusing old garage door tracks to save a bit of money when renovating is tempting, doing so can be dangerous and ultimately cost more money. Garage door repairs and refits will require qualified professionals to troubleshoot which section has failed and repair it.

If you’re trying to reuse the garage door tracks, contact a local garage door service company. Their technicians have experience with various models and will advise whether the new doors will fit in the old tracks. Otherwise, it might be better to overhaul the entire system and be safe.

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