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Loves Garage Doors offers a full-service residential garage door service that includes installation, repair, and maintenance. Serving the Phoenix Valley, our certified technicians have experience with most major brands and manufacturers.

Safety is our number one goal when installing and repairing garage doors. Did you know that a door can weigh 200 or more pounds?

Controlled by high tension springs attached to cables that offset the weight of the door, if a spring or cable were to break or it was installed incorrectly, the door can slam down violently, falling at nearly its full weight!

Liftmaster Garage Door Opener and Garage DoorLoves Garage Doors Services

Loves Garage Doors has been serving the Valley since 2013. We are a Phoenix-based garage door company, proudly providing superior garage door service, we are genuinely passionate about helping others.
  • Free estimates
  • Response time is within 24 hours
  • Certified technicians
  • Professional diagnosis
  • Prevention inspections
  • Experience with numerous garage door brands and manufacturers
  • High-quality installation
  • Customer service next to none

How do Garage Doors work?

Your garage door works in conjunction with many components that together form one system. From doors to springs, cables, tracks, rollers, and openers, the garage door not only provides easy access to your garage, but it also helps seal your home from the elements and provides security for the items.

Size, Shape & Weight of a Garage Door

The size, shape, and weight of the Garage door will determine what other parts of the garage door system are required. You can count on Loves Garage Doors to help you find the right garage door to provide security, and enhance your home, all at an affordable price.

From beautiful and efficient to downright quiet, we have a vast collection of garage door replacement options.
  • Choose from a large selection of steel, wood or vinyl doors
  • We offer a variety of styles to choose from
  • Choose from window and windowless door
  • Save energy with an insulated garage door

Garage Door Tracks & Cables

The weight of the door will determine the gauge of steel needed for the garage door tracks and even the hinges. The heavier your garage door is, stronger steel will is necessary for the tracks and hinges.

Garage Door RepairGarage Door Springs

Did you know that the average garage door opens and closes 1500 times a year? Under tension and the continual raising and lowering of the door, choosing just the right springs for your garage door is crucial.

The springs offset the weight of a garage door and allow the door to easily open and close. Whether you are opening the door by hand or using an automatic garage door opener, the door will easily go up and down.

Garage Door Torsion SpringTorsion garage door springs

Torsion springs run parallel to your garage door and are located directly above the door opening.

These springs are tensioned, and the door is raised & lowered with a twisting action. When the garage door opens, the springs unwind to help lift the door.

Rollers for your Garage Door

Nylon Garage Door RollersThe rollers are vital for producing a smooth up and down motion on the garage door tracks and come in many types...
  • Plastic rollers with no ball bearings
  • Steel rollers with or without ball bearings
  • Nylon rollers with different numbers of ball bearings
  • Sealed ball-bearing designs
For large heavy doors nylon sealed bearing rollers are recommended. Although lighter rollers will work as well, keep in mind that a large portion of the noise from a garage door comes from the rollers.

Garage Door Opener

Garage Door OpenerAre you looking for an energy-efficient garage door opener?

How about a timed close feature complete with a battery backup?

Loves Garage Door would love to share their knowledge and experience with a variety of high tech garage door openers to find just the right options to fit you and your family.

Screw drive opener

A screw drive opener utilizes a motor that turns a screw that opens and closes the garage door.

Chain-driven openers

The chain drive and belt drive use a similar system as the screw drive. A sprocket is driven by a gear that moves the chain or belt to open and close the door. A chain-driven opener is very strong; however, it can be noisy.

Garage Door Service in Phoenix, AZ

As a testament to our quality of service, we rely solely on referrals from our clients. Who better to tell our story than those who have experienced our high-quality products, affordable pricing, and superior customer service?

For reliable, local garage door service in Phoenix, AZ contact Loves Garage Doors or call (602)574-8588 today!

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