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Is your garage door showing its age? Maybe it's time to replace it with a new modern door.Modern Garage Door
Garage doors have continued to evolve over the years from having to manually lift the door to today's automatic garage door openers, energy efficient and noise reducing insulated doors and a large variety of style options to choose from; a new garage door offers amenities that go beyond the appearance and functionality.

Benefits of a New Garage Door

  • Improved safety
  • Energy Efficient
  • Enhances the appearance and value of your home
  • Reduced maintenance
At Loves Garage Doors we offer full-service residential garage door services that include installation, repair, and support. Serving the Phoenix Valley since 2013, our certified technicians have experience with most major brands and manufacturers.

We are also very speedy at installing a garage door. View the time lapse video below to see a recent glass garage door installation.

From selection to installation you can count on Loves Garage Doors to help you find the right garage door to provide security, and enhance your home, all at an affordable price.
Wood Look Paneled Garage Door

A Garage door is more than a door

Your garage door works in conjunction with many components that together form one system. From doors to springs, cables, tracks, rollers, and openers, the garage door not only provides easy access to your garage, but it also helps seal your home from the elements and provides security to both your home and the items stored in your garage.

Choosing a Garage Door

The size, shape, and weight of the Garage door will determine what other parts of the garage door system are required and Loves Garage Doors is happy to assist in your garage door selection and appropriate hardware for your particular application.
From beautiful and efficient to downright quiet, we have a vast collection of garage door replacement options.
  • Professional garage door selection guidance
  • Loves Garage Doors only installs doors purchased from us
  • Choose from a large selection of steel, wood or vinyl doors
  • We offer a variety of styles to choose from
  • Choose from window and windowless door
  • Save energy with an insulated garage door
Once you have decided on the perfect garage door, sit back and relax while we safely and accurately install your new entry.

Superior Garage Door Service in Phoenix, AZ

Loves Garage Doors is a locally owned family business located in Phoenix, Arizona. Originating in Alabama in 2011, Loves Garage Doors relocated to Phoenix in 2013. We serve the entire valley including Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, and Chandler
Myrl, the owner, and operator of Loves Garage Doors has been proudly providing residential clients in the Phoenix Valley with superior garage door installation, opener replacement, and repair service, helping clients doors going safely up and down, and secure.

As a testament to our quality of service, we rely solely on referrals from our clients. Who better to tell our story than those who have experienced our high-quality products, affordable pricing, and superior customer service? For local, professional Garage Door Installation Phoenix AZ contact Loves Garage Doors or call (602)574-8588 today!

Loves Garage Doors - “Helping friends through ups and downs.” 


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