Garage Door Tune-Up in Phoenix, AZ

Did you know that your garage door is the largest moving part in your entire home?

Taking in to account the number of times it goes up and down in a day or better yet an entire season it’s very important to tune up your garage door annually.

At Loves Garage Doors we offer professional garage door tune ups and diagnosis. Our team of certified technicians offer experience in inspecting and repairing most major brands of garage door manufacturers.

Garage door maintenance

How do Garage Doors work?

Your garage door works in conjunction with many components that together form one system. From doors to springs, cables, tracks, rollers, and openers, the garage door not only provides easy access to your garage, but it also helps seal your home from the elements and provides a secure environment for your family and your car.

Garage Door Components

A garage door is composed of a number of components, some of which are continually put under high tension. Proper maintenance ensures reliable, quiet operation and safety.
  • Garage Door Tracks & Cables

    The weight of the door will determine the gauge of steel needed for the garage door tracks and even the hinges. The heavier your garage door is, stronger steel will is necessary for the tracks and hinges.
  • Garage Door Springs

    Did you know that the average garage door opens and closes 1500 times a year? Under tension and the continual raising and lowering of the door, annually inspecting the springs is crucial.
  • Garage Door Rollers

    The rollers are vital for producing a smooth up and down motion on the garage door tracks and come in many types.
    • Plastic rollers with no ball bearings
    • Steel rollers with or without ball bearings
    • Nylon rollers with different numbers of ball bearings
    • Sealed ball bearing designs
Checking for corroded, chipped or sticking, ensures proper up and down motion and less wear and tear on your opener.
  • Garage Door Openers

    Garage doors openers offer the convenience of opening and closing the door without getting out of your car. When the door starts to malfunction due to a faulty garage door openers your only recourse is to pull the emergency release and manually open and close the door.
    • Screw drive opener
    • A screw drive opener utilizes a motor that turns a screw that opens and closes the garage door. 
  • Chain-driven openers

    The chain drive and belt drive use a similar system as the screw drive. A sprocket is driven by a gear that moves the chain or belt to open and close the door. A chain driven opener is very strong.
  • Garage Doors

    Issues with a garage doors are often attributed to the mechanical features, the actual door itself can fall victim to gradual wear and tear and weather. Inspecting the actual door is as important as its components.

Mechanical gearsHow do I know if my Garage Door needs a Tune up?

Garage doors are like a car, from time to time they start leaving tell, tell signs that something is amiss.
  • Abnormal Operation Is you garage door moving slower than it used to? Does it shudder or jerk instead of rolling smoothly? If so, it’s time for a tune up.
  • Damaged Rollers – As the rollers traverse up and down the track, chips, cracks and wear can keep the door from opening and closing smoothly. If you suspect a damaged roller, contact Loves Garage Door.
  • Strange Noises – If your door is making unusual scraping and grinding as it rises and lowers this could be indication of loose hardware or debris on the tracks.
  • Bent Tracks – Tracks are located on either side of the door. If they become bent they can eventually prevent the door from opening and closing.

Preventative Garage Door Inspections

Loves Garage Doors offers preventative inspections to keep your garage door operating efficiently and more importantly safely.
  • Test garage door balance
  • Tighten up hardware
  • Replace weather stripping
  • Inspect and replace rollers
  • Check all cables
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Test all safety features
  • Inspect tracks for debris
  • Inspect the garage door(s)

Professional Garage Door Installation & Repair

Loves Doors is a Phoenix Garage Door Company passionate about helping others and relies solely on referrals from our clients. After all, who better to tell our story than those who have experienced our high-quality products, affordable garage door repair pricing, and superior customer service?

Serving the Valley since 2013, we are a Phoenix based garage door company, proudly providing superior garage door service, we are genuinely passionate about helping others.
  • Response time is within 24 hours
  • Certified technicians
  • Professional diagnosis
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Experience with numerous garage door brands and manufacturers
  • Quality installation and customer service

Garage Door Services

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