Residential Garage Door Maintenance in Phoenix, AZ

Loves Garage Doors offers a full-service residential garage door service that includes maintenance, installation, and repair.
Serving the Phoenix Valley, our certified technicians have experience with most major brands and manufacturers of garage doors and openers.
Did you know that, on average, a garage door goes up and down more than a thousand times a year? That's a lot of movement and vibration!

Maintenancing a garage door

Daily we rely on the convenience of pressing a button to gain entry into our garage. With the constant up and down motion, keeping your garage door operating smoothly and efficiently requires regular preventive care and maintenance.
At Loves Garage Doors, we offer full-service maintenance on garage doors to ensure both safety and reliable operation for years to come. A locally owned family business located in Phoenix, AZ, we relocated from Alabama in 2001, and have been proud to call Phoenix home ever since.

What kind of maintenance does a garage door need?

Did you know that a garage door can weigh 200 lbs. or more?
Safety is our number one goal! Examining springs, checking for loose hardware, and testing the auto-reverse safety features are a few of the things that we do during our garage door maintenance checkups which include...
  • Inspect & Replace the Rollers

    The rollers on your garage, whether steel or nylon, will be inspected and checked for wear, chipping, and cracking.

    The rollers contain ball bearings, and when they start to wear out, the door can bind and create a terrible squeaking noise when the door raises or lowers.
  • Inspect & Replace Weather Stripping

    With the Haboob's that pass through Phoenix and surrounding areas, it's crucial to inspect the weather seal for cracking and brittleness. A worn weather seal will be an invitation to sand and rain coming in under your door.
  • Lubricate Moving Parts

    From the opener's chain or screw drive, keeping the parts greased up will add years of seamless operation.
  • Check the Cables

    The cables on a garage door are continually under high-tension from the repetitive up and down motion. Inspecting the cables for wear and tear and replacing, if necessary, ensures the safety of anyone entering or exiting your garage.

    Those high-tension cables have enough force to maim or kill.
  • Test Auto-Reverse Safety Features

    There are two mechanisms to a garage door, mechanical and photocell. Garage doors are installed with safety sensors that contain a photocell. Located at the bottom of the garage door track on each side of the door, these sensors must be appropriately aligned to function correctly. When working correctly the sensors will reverse the door closing if an object is in the way. Those objects can be anything from a car to a toddler so keeping these working is a huge safety concern.

    Some garage door companies recommend placing a piece of wood or brick on the ground in the path of the garage door. We don't recommend doing this as it may damage the door. Loves Garage Doors doesn't use wood or bricks to test. We use a different technique that is safe for both the technician and your garage door.

    Inspecting and testing the auto-reverse safety feature ensures that the door will quickly reverse if it encounters an obstacle, protecting your family, pets, and car from catastrophes.
  • Clearing the Tracks

    The tracks of your garage door are a critical aspect of the raising and lowering of your door. The tracks guide the rollers, and the garage door spring and opener does all of the hard work.

    Tracks are the guiding force for the door. If they are full of debris, the rollers can derail, and the door can come crashing down, posing a risk of serious injury.
  • Testing the Garage Door Balance

    If your garage door is not balanced correctly, the garage door opener will have to work harder, putting stress on the opener and reducing its lifespan. Also, it can add to your utility bill.

    Checking for improperly balanced springs and adjusting is performed with the utmost safety in mind.
  • Tighten up the Hardware

    Do you dread hitting the remote to open your garage door because of the scraping and grinding noise?

    If your garage door isn't raising and lowering silently, it could be a sign that the Hardware on the tracks may need tightening. Examining and tightening all the roller brackets ensure that the door will raise up and down with smooth, quiet operation.
  • Observing the movement of your Garage Door

    Visually observing the garage door in action can help determine if adjustments are necessary or impending issues on the horizon.

    We will monitor your garage door to see if it go up and down silently or if it's making scraping and grinding noises.

    Do both sides of the door look symmetrical?

    We'll monitor that too to make sure that the springs, pulleys, and cables are all functioning correctly and in conjunction with each other. 

    Is it moving smoothly or jerky when it hits certain areas as it goes up and down?  

    A garage door that's showing signs of pulling on one side more than the other is a sure bet that there's an issue. 
  • Visually Inspecting the Garage Door

    Taking the time to inspect the condition of the garage door visually is also a necessary component of the inspection.

    Do you realize that a garage door makes up about a third of the exterior of your house? 

    Depending on the type of garage door, checking for water and warp damage on wood doors, inspecting for chipping and peeling paint, on steel doors will not only ensure proper function of the door, but it will also keep it looking fresh and clean
On average, a well-maintained garage door opener will last between 10 and 15 years. Taking the time to have your garage door inspected regularly will help increase the lifespan, saving you money in the long run.

Professional Garage Door Maintenance

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